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Welcome to XO2…

Australia’s leading cleaning department supply specialists who are ready to assist you to…



“Our team’s mission is to help you create cleaner, safer, healthier and more attractive facilities.”

Here since 1968 and here to stay!

XO2 is a third generation family owned and operated company. Our continued success and growth is the result of a firm commitment to our customer’s success and the good old fashioned values we were brought up on…

Wherever you are in Australia… from the city to regional and remote country areas, our team is ready and eager to help you now.

Why choose XO2?

• 5000+ Products • Cleaning Department Specialists
• Fast & Accurate Order Delivery • Australia Wide Delivery
• Earn More (Profit Opportunities) • ‘Beat This’ Price Guarantee
• Training School • We solve difficult problems
• True Blue Aussie Company • Safe & secure online ordering
• Equipment Service & Repair Centre • Full Safety Compliance

“We will help you to reduce the cost of doing business by delivering the best solution…
we will improve your facility and make your life easier.”

Every area of your cleaning department’s needs are covered

The ‘Total Cleaning Solution’ incorporate all aspects of cleaning into a solution designed just for you.

“The products, programs, training and expertise we bring to you are rare, unique and of significant value to your organisation.”

When your complete system is working seamlessly and efficiently, you can achieve maximum productivity, better cleaning results, increased profits and staff satisfaction.

Did you know that over 95% of your total cleaning cost is labour?
This is why we are focused on training and innovative products that improve performance and efficiency. This reduces your labour costs and makes a big difference to your bottom line.

We will help you reduce the most significant costs in cleaning and maintenance…
labour costs, inefficiency and poor compliance measures… and help ensure…

1. Your staff are happy, well-trained, satisfied and safe in their job.
2. Your facilities are clean, attractive, safe and hygienic at all times.
3. Your productivity & standards are maximised.
4. Liability and safety risks are reduced or eliminated.
5. A bottom line boost through reduced operation costs and added profit opportunities.
6. On-going compliance with Work Health & Safety regulations and duty of care.

Our ‘care & curiosity culture’ makes the XO2 team special.

We think you’ll enjoy the personal touch of a family business that cares about YOU.

“We have never lost touch with what makes us special…
a personal and deep felt care and curiosity for what you need and like.”

Here’s some faces you may have already talked to on the phone….

Cleaning programs that make a difference for you.

This is where the rubber meets the road and we leave our competitors behind!
The benefits you can gain from our programs are real and significant.

“We make the places where you live, play and work… cleaner, happier and safer!”

Who loves XO2 the most?

We have customers in almost every industry represented in Australia… but there are certain industries who really appreciate and benefit from what we do. Our biggest fans are cleaning departments in…

Discover better products that improve the way you do things…
Here’s our most popular product categories…

Why our products and programs are like no other…

• World class innovation • Tested and proven performance
• Environmentally sustainable • Reduces your total costs
• Enhances your image • Superior safety compliance
• Exceed hygiene standards • Easy to manage and budget
• Boost productivity • Quality, Value & Success Every Time
• Labour Saving • Service Excellence

“XO2 products are proudly endorsed and recognised nationally by the Australian Institute of Cleaning & Hygiene”

The True Blue Aussie Supply Company…

The team at XO2 are proud and passionate Aussies. Pride, passion and love are powerful words we don’t just say but mean with our whole hearts. And that’s why we have made the following strong commitment to our country’s prosperity…

“Wherever possible, we manufacture and distribute products made in Australia…”
and where we don’t manufacture the product, we support Australian owned companies that do manufacture products in Australia.

So please… get the Aussie spirit in you and support Australian owned companies like us who make and sell fantastic Australian made products…. What this means for all of us is more jobs, a better economy and a brighter future.

Lynne Wilkinson,
CEO Ausbuy – www.ausbuy.com.au

“Times are tough, so that is why AUSBUY supports businesses like XO2 and Total Supply Solutions that “get going”, but they need your support. Buying Australian owned and made products from Australian owned businesses means that the decisions, profits, jobs, skills and reinvestment stay here. AUSBUY has the $50 test – if every Australian spent $50 a week on Australian owned goods and services we would reduce our national debt by $50Billion as the money is reinvested here. It is not just about money, it is about quality, value and product and service integrity. Time to Wake Up Australia and support our owned.”

Fast delivery to your door anywhere in Australia
from the city to regional and remote areas.

“Our freight partnerships make us unbeatable Australia wide.”

You’ll enjoy fast delivery to almost every part of Australia. Free Delivery is
available to many areas however a minimum order and some conditions may
apply. You will love the XO2 difference, so give us a try and you’ll…

1. Get What You Want… Lowest back order rate and huge stock holdings.
2. Get Your Order Fast… Fast, reliable and safe delivery services.
3. Get It Right First Time… Best correct order rate (Correct >99.7%).
4. Get Appreciated… Enjoy the commitment and care through our service to you.

Where is XO2 located?

While your order may come from a warehouse closer to you… when you call, you’ll be talking to someone in our Australian head office. Our head office is based on the sunny Gold Coast in Queensland.

Making our environment a priority
We care for future generations and the world they will inherit from us.

“We make it our priority to provide environmentally sustainable solutions that make economic sense.”

Our commitment to minimize the impact of our operations on the environment is an important part of XO2”s continuous improvement program.

The XO2’s environmental focus is firmly on the use of products that meet the following criteria wherever possible…

• Safer To Use
• Zero Or Very Low VOC
• Reduce Energy & Water Usage
• Rapidly Renewable Materials
• Lower Maintenance Requirement
• Reduce Natural Resource Consuming Materials

Give us a call today on 1300 123 499… to learn more about how the team at XO2 can help you and your facility to work faster, clean better and earn more. We’d love to hear from you… have a great day!

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