Chemical Free Cleaning Liquids – Deceitful Advertising Claims or Just A Grey Area Of Marketing.
By ChrisApril 14th, 2016
Scientist Holding Graduated CylinderRecently I was on the phone to a nice bloke called David at the ACCC (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission). We discussed the claims that some cleaning chemical manufacturers are making with regards to their products being ‘Chemical Free’. I started this discussion with an open mind, after all ‘Chemical Free’ cleaning chemical products is an attractive benefit to a cleaning supply business like ours and if we could also legally make the claim I would be happy to ensure there was an equal playing field and participate with similar products.

David (ACCC) directed me to a variety of pages on their website with regards to ‘Advertising and Selling’.

The more I started to understand the law the more concerned I got about these ‘Chemical Free’ claims. What was explained to me made me think there could be a lot of deceitful advertising going on. And that’s not fair on consumers or reputable manufacturers. Read the rest of this entry »

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4 Washroom Cleaning Productivity Tips
By ChrisApril 12th, 2016
1. Follow a pattern when cleaning: Always clean high areas first down to low areas last. Cleaning around the room in a circular motion will ensure you don’t miss anything and don’t waste time covering the same area twice.

2. First apply your cleaner to toilet bowls, showers and baths first, then allow it to dwell while you start doing other work. When you come back the chemical will have done it’s job and cleaning will be so much easier.

3. A pre-planned system of cleaning your washrooms makes cleaning faster and more effective. Pre-planning saves times and improves results.

4. Ensure you have plenty of stock for your dispensers to save that walk back to your storeroom. Get to know the daily usage patterns of your dispensers and add some extra on to the trolley just in case.

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Total Supply Solutions is becoming XO2. Who is XO2? Well, XO2 is us!
By ChrisOctober 13th, 2014

Hello there,

We have some exciting news to update you on.

Total Supply Solutions is becoming XO2. Who is XO2? Well, XO2 is us!

We’re the same team, working with the same excellence, problem solving, fairness and quality that you’ve always experienced.

However, our future is going deeper with new products and services that really do help our customers create better places through cleaner spaces.

Why are we changing our name?

We are changing our name for 3 reasons:

1. Our customers were telling us we were different but perhaps this difference wasn’t being as clearly communicated as it could be.

2. We believe XO2 is representative of who we are becoming. We have always been about finding solutions, not just supplying products. You may have already started to see some of our new services launched in recent months. We’re excited to be leading the way in delivering complete ecosystems of cleaning processes that have real value to the bottom line.

3. XO2 is all about helping our clients give their customers a fresh start every day. To do that we believe there needs to be a greater emphasis on business and workflow intelligence in cleaning systems. It’s about improving processes and materials to get the best outcome. You may have already seen some of the amazing products we’ve been deploying which are touch free, give really useful intelligence and look stunning.

We are the same team, the same owners with the same phone number, bank and ABN details. We’re just expanding our products and services and freshening up our image.

Why the name XO2?

We’re so glad you asked. The X and the O represents the feeling (XXOO) we want people to have when they partner with us and experience the effect of our cleaning process. The 2 represents the science of the approach and the partnership we hold with our clients. How do I say it? XO2 is pronounced “ex oh two”

What will you see happening over the next few months?

You’ll see XO2 begin to be used as our business name on products, business cards, letterheads and emails.
You will see a new website rolled out in the next few months.
You will hear about some very exciting products which really are revolutionising how to clean smarter.
And, you will receive the same quality of service you’ve always experienced over the last 30 years of business.

Our transformation is a journey which will happen over the next 6 – 12 months.

We’re excited. We love what we do. We love serving our clients and we are passionate about how we can help you clean smarter and healthier.

Would you like to know more? You can take a sneak peak at a little introduction video on . Or you would like to chat about this exciting change I would love to hear from you.

Have a great day.

Yours Sincerely,

David Blamire
Managing Director

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How to calculate a parts per million (ppm) solution of Sodium Hypochlorite (Hypo, Chlorine) into a dilution rate
By ChrisJanuary 31st, 2014

Here’s a great question asked by one of our clients recently…

“Hi guys,
I have received the order of hypochlorite solution, but I have a question with regards to dilution.
The instructions I have are to mix this to a 200 parts per million solution.
Can you please advise how much hypochlorite solution this would be? And to how much water?
Thank you,

Thanks for your question Crystal.

Our Hypo product label states that for general cleaning you should use at 1 part Hypo to 500 parts water, so for every 500 litres of ready to use solution one litre of Hypo needs to be added. General cleaning is the application we supply our Hypo for but in many specialty applications a parts per million recommendation or requirement can be stated. Read the rest of this entry »

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2 Jet or 4 Jet Carpet Cleaning Wand… Which Is Better?
By ChrisDecember 16th, 2013
4-Jet Titanium Wand with Glide

2 Jet or 4 Jet Carpet Cleaning Wands… Which Is Better? This is a question we get asked a lot… especially by those who are new to the carpet cleaning industry. There are lots of experts who have opinio
ns on this question. Most experts want to talk about performance which really comes down to individual wands so generalising and saying a particular jet configuration is better than another is a little silly without doing a wand by wand analysis. But with all these arguments there is one thing most people are forgetting to talk about and I think it’s the most important.

When your wand doesn’t work properly it can cost you big time… our service and repair centre has lots of people asking for wand repairs every day, most of which own 4 jet carpet cleaning wands. I’m not beating up on 4 jet wands, in fact I love them, but this is the reality of the situation. So why is there a problem? When you have 4 jets in a wand, the orifice (or opening) size is smaller because you don’t want the same amount of water flowing out of each jet on a 4 jet wand like you do on a 2 jet wand. With a smaller orifice size blockages are much more common.

4 Jet Wands are fine if… Read the rest of this entry »

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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year From The Team At Total Supply Solutions
By ChrisDecember 4th, 2013

Hello Everyone,

This year has gone very fast… Now 2013 is drawing to a close and Christmas is coming! That means it’s time to let you know the arrangements we’ve made to supply your needs over the upcoming holiday period.

Please pass this info onto any members of your team who will need to know, particularly your purchasing department.

Our Warehouse and Distribution Centre will be closed from 4.30pm Tuesday 24th December 2013 and will re-open again at 8.00am Thursday 2nd January 2014.

Last orders for delivery will need to be placed by 11:30am Monday 23rd December 2013 or earlier to ensure delivery before Christmas.

Our first orders for the New Year will be dispatched on Thursday 2nd January 2014, so please allow for any additional stock requirements you may have when you place your final December orders. If you have any questions about this please give us a call on 1300 123 499.

Our team would like to thank you for all your support and wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year.

Merry Christmas,
The Total Supply Solutions Team

P.S. Stay tuned… early next year we have some huge and amazing news! It’s going to be great for your facility and business. 2014 is going to be great!

Phone: 1300 123 499
You Tube:

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Does heat really matter when you are cleaning?
By ChrisNovember 18th, 2013
Did you know that cleaning power is doubled (x2) every 10 degrees celcius of heat over 48?
Heat really does matter. When you don’t have heat working for you you will need to compensate by using more chemical, more agitation (ie. pressure, scrubbing), more time and you still might not get the same result. Of course heat is not safe or appropriate to use for all cleaning tasks but a good example of where heat matters is carpet cleaning.Traditionally portable carpet cleaning machines have struggled to get the results truckmounted machines achieve. But a good truckmount can be very expensive, it won’t get you everywhere you need to go (eg. high rise buildings) and running long lengths of hose is a major trip and fall hazard so hose supervision is required adding to labour costs.

Read the rest of this entry »

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Another Happy Stealth Back Pack Vacuum Cleaner Customer
By ChrisOctober 21st, 2013
Stealth Back Pack Vacuum Cleaner 2 – AB“Got the stealth backpack vacuum cleaner off the guys at TSS last week, I’m not a commercial cleaner just seam to be spending $140 a year on vacuums that just deteriorate rapidly with general use around the home. This is outright the BEST vacuum i’ve brought (I dare say it makes vacuuming fun :/). The attachments made getting the fans and roofs easy as. The power is just outstanding. I’ve nearly filled a bag and I cant notice any loss of suction really. Runs super quiet (I managed to vacuum at around the bed why my missus was asleep). Super light to pick up/carry, build quality is great, feels very solid. Can see this lasting a long time for home use – Thanks guys 🙂

Grant – Happy customer”

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Dazza’s Secret To Stopping Any Bad Odours
By DarrinAugust 6th, 2013
Glynn with a dead mouse and his PPE on.How many of you have come across bad odours you wish you couldn’t smell?

I’m not really talking about the ones under your friends arm pit or the time your work mate passed wind, although after reading this blog you will have the answer on how to fix that problem too………haha but no, real odours you just wish you could get rid off.. ..

Customers will often come in and ask us to solve an odour problem like…

> Pet Urine Odour
> Dumpster / rubbish odours
> Smoke or cigarete odour
> Cooking odour
> Decaying animal odour

The list goes on but I call it the “Source”… the source of the odour.

Let me share a time in our office we had a very very bad odour, it was bad. It was like something had died Read the rest of this entry »

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“Will you guarantee this product will remove my stain?”
By ChrisJuly 30th, 2013
Red Wine Stain and GlassThis is a question we are often asked… and fair enough… when you buy a stain removal chemical you want to know that it will work, right? No point wasting any more of your money, you’ve probably already tried what you have on hand or even taken a few special trips to the supermarket and tried to find a solution. It’s frustrating when you can’t find an answer. Now you are talking to a cleaning expert you want a guarantee. I can understand that.

Here’s the bad news… no one can truthfully give that 100% guarantee. It doesn’t matter if it’s concrete, curtains, marble, carpet, painted walls, clothes, tiles, bench tops, ovens or whatever… there are 4 main things to consider…

1. Will the stain be removed?

2. Will the surface be damaged or require an additional restoration step?

3. Has the surface been permanently damaged?

4. Is the product or procedure safe for you to use? (Don’t put your health at risk for the sake of a stain no matter how ugly it is)

No one can guarantee a product will work and not damage surfaces in all instances because of the variables involved… There are 100′s of them… Even if a product works 99 times out of 100 you can’t say it works 100% of the time. Read the rest of this entry »

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I want to start a cleaning business… what do I need and what will it cost?
By ChrisJuly 24th, 2013
Spray & Wipe Pic 3Congratulations, welcome to the cleaning industry. Cleaning is a great business because the cost to get started is very low, the potential is huge and the market is massive.

Getting started is not difficult. A good idea is to set yourself a budget for the cleaning products you will need. For a basic cleaning package most of our clients will spend between $700-$1500. You might have to adjust your budget figure down the track, but it’s a starting point to get you thinking. Of course if you are setting up a big cleaning contract your investment may well be significantly higher.

An easy way to design a cleaning products package is to look at these 5 different areas…

1. Chemicals
(Allow approx $200-$300) Read the rest of this entry »

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How To Remove Crime Scene Finger Print Powder Marks
By ChrisJuly 18th, 2013
Blue Finger PrintRemoving the finger print powders that are brushed onto surfaces by crime scene detectives is not always easy especially on painted surfaces. There are different types and the method of removal may vary in certain circumstances.

Whatever cleaning process you use it must be suitable for the surface being cleaned so always check the chemical and tools you use are suitable and to be absolutely sure do a small test area in an inconspicuous area.

One of the most successful products on the market today is Too Easy heavy duty cleaner (Dilted at 1:4)… it’s also popular for cleaning surfaces damaged by fire and smoke. We like this product because it’s a brilliant balance between extreme power and being gentle on surfaces. It’s affect on most surfaces, even if they are painted, natural stone or coated, is minimal and the result can a lot of the time be far better than the surface was before the police made their mess. Read the rest of this entry »

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Does heat really matter when you are cleaning?
Another Happy Stealth Back Pack Vacuum Cleaner Customer
Dazza’s Secret To Stopping Any Bad Odours
“Will you guarantee this product will remove my stain?”
I want to start a cleaning business… what do I need and what will it cost?
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