Landscaping Auckland

Gardening is a big part of New Zealand culture. It’s also a popular leisure activity.

Having an outdoor living space has become a must for modern homeowners. Luckily, Auckland has plenty of great landscapers that can turn your backyard into an oasis.

Ground Up Landscaping Ltd

If you’re in the market for a quality garden makeover or just a little spring cleaning then you’ve come to the right place. Ground Up Landscaping offer a full range of landscaping Auckland services from garden maintenance to tree care, including pruning, trimming and edging and even hedging. A well designed and maintained garden is not only a joy to look at but can also add value to your home and even enhance your lifestyle. Luckily they have a team of experts that can help you turn your garden into the envy of your neighbours. Some of the more obvious landscaping challenges include removing unsightly dead foliage, weeding and watering. They can also advise you on the best plants to use for your unique soil and climate conditions. For example they may recommend a native or a drought resistant variety that will not only perform better but look better too!

They are also more than happy to help with any other gardening related queries or concerns you might have.

Kensington Landscaping

Kensington Landscaping Ltd is an established & professional landscaping company. Rob and his team have a wealth of experience in creating stunning outdoor solutions for clients on all budgets.

They take pride in their work and aim to exceed their client’s expectations. Their services include garden makeovers, pergolas, landscaping, lawns and irrigation.

The company also offers landscaping maintenance services such as weeding, pruning, mulching and planting saplings. They have been in business for over 20 years and are committed to providing a high level of quality landscaping service.

They are a family run business that aims to deliver a service that is unrivalled. They have a dedicated and hardworking team that is passionate about their work. They also have a favourable reputation and are trusted by many clients in the Auckland region. Their team works closely with their clients and takes their needs seriously. They have a keen eye for detail and use innovative ideas to achieve stunning results.

Kirsten Sach Landscape Design Ltd

Kirsten Sach is an Auckland based landscape designer who’s got a knack for combining the aesthetic with functionality. She recently helped a garden-loving couple turn a steep and narrow section into a waterside sanctuary that’s sure to impress. Despite being a small space, the company’s most memorable design feature was a clever balancing act between trees and turf that saw this modestly sized backyard become a haven for entertaining family and friends. The team also threw in some smart drainage for good measure, so this company is more than just green thumbs.

Get in touch today to arrange your free no obligation quote. The team is waiting for your call! We look forward to assisting you with your landscaping needs. The best part is you can do it in the comfort of your own home or at your place of work!

Second Nature Garden

Second Nature Garden Ltd is a boutique design/build firm that takes a sensitive approach to your garden and landscape project. No two gardens are the same, so we structure each and every solution to your specific needs, style and site. We are a Norwalk-based company and specialize in fine garden design, stonework and bespoke landscapes.

If you are thinking about adding a garden to your property or simply want some guidance in choosing the right plants for your space, consider scheduling a consultation with a local horticulturist. These are often the best time to get a design idea off the ground and begin exploring your options with an expert.

Michael Pollan’s Second Nature: A Gardener’s Education is a collection of essays that explore the role of the garden in human relationships with nature. This book is filled with funny, profound and beautifully written essays on everything from the war of the roses to virtuous composting and even the politics of planting a tree.

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