“Many of Australia’s most successful people and businesses rely on us to help them look good and earn more. We supply extraordinary cleaning and washroom products (along with training) to cleaning departments that give our clients a significant competitive advantage with their image, cleanliness, hygiene results, safety, labour costs and profit. Try us out today.”

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the way you do things and solve problems…

Close up of blue cleaning mop and yellow wringer bucket Toilet Paper Roll in Green Bathroom Vacuum cleaner head on green carpet
Cleaning chemicals and products
Toilet paper, hand soap and washroom supplies
The best vacuum cleaners in Australia
Try Australia’s most awarded wholesale supplier of commercial and industrial cleaning chemicals, equipment and janitorial supplies including mops, cleaning chemicals, safety signs, floor pads, window cleaning squeegees, gloves, bin liners, trolleys and microfibre.
What does your loo say about you? Improve your image and save by ordering Australia’s best toilet paper, paper hand towels, hand dryers, hand soaps, dispensers, auto air fresheners, sanitary napkin disposal bins, cleaning chemicals and more.
Discover the very best professional vacuum cleaners in Australia including back pack, upright, wet & dry and industrial vacuum cleaners plus floor tools, filters, turboheads, powerheads, bags and vacuum cleaner parts.

Person with gloves spraying carpet stain remover on red carpet stain Wet floor mat and matting next to swimming pool
Tile, grout and floor cleaners, sealers and floor polishers
Carpet cleaning machines and chemicals
Floor mats, matting and custom size mats
Looking for answers to your tile, grout and hard floor cleaning problems? Now find everything you need is easy, including tile & floor scrubbers, floor polishers, tile & grout cleaning chemicals, floor sealers, marble polishing products and floor pads.
When it comes to carpet cleaning products and equipment, get all your advice, chemicals, accessories and machines from Australia’s best and largest supplier of professional carpet cleaning equipment.
Buy your new floor mat online from a huge selection including entrance mats, bar matting, custom size matting, floor mats, rubber mats and more. We even do logo entrance mats at amazing prices.

This Months Specials…


Stealth Back Pack Vacuum Cleaner
Bobby Dazzler Super Cleaner
Reduce Costs, Save Labour
and Improve Safety
The lightest, quietest and most powerful back pack vacuum cleaner. Australian owned and Australian made. Australia’s favourite natural all purpose, anti-microbial, streak free, neutral, fast drying, super cleaner concentrate.
Talk to our team today… there is no obligation. We promise to make your life easier and business better. Try us out.

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mobile phone

Our freight partnerships make us unbeatable Australia Wide. Our clients love Australia so wherever possible, we manufacture and distribute products made in Australia…
Your free facility savings analysis will give you lots of reasons to give us a try.
Where is Total Supply Solutions head office located?
Enjoy products that are green and environmentally friendly but most of all… safe for people!
81% of all cleaning supplies orders are delivered free. Exceptions do apply to some small orders, oversize, dangerous and bulky goods. Learn about delivery to your area > We are 100% Australian owned and operated. Join with us in supporting Australian Made products that keep jobs here and make our country better. You can make the difference. Let us know if you would like to make the switch >
Find the fast way to enjoy cost savings of 30%-80% with superior results and labour saving improvements on your hygiene and sanitation budget. Contact us today for details >
XO2 is a family owned cleaning supply business which was born in the 1960’s, in the Gold Coast – Brisbane area of Queensland and has now grown to deliver products and supplies throughout Australia.
Wouldn’t it be great if we could leave a world for future generations that’s healthy and unpolluted. Now you can choose cleaning products that will help make this happen. Learn how to be kind to the environment >

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for what you need and like from our amazing team.

Aimee at Total Supply Solutions Glynn at Total Supply Solutions Darrin at Total Supply Solutions David at Total Supply Solutions

Chris at Total Supply Solutions Daniel at Total Supply Solutions
“XO2 is a real cleaning supply store with real people, many call it ‘the Australian home of all things Cleaning.’ A home where you can have all of your questions answered by passionate, caring people who love what they do.

Whether you live in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart, Darwin, Canberra or any regional area in Australia, we will deliver your next order of professional cleaning supplies, products, chemicals and equipment to your door. Check us out, we look forward to meeting you and helping however we can.”

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